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You really took a great leap when you blended Luna's mane into the starry night sky, complimenting the sky in the background. This is a...

My Precious Luna Journal

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 5:18 PM

The cricket, a humble insect, chirps in the night.

Looking for a companion to sing, rest, and sleep with tonight.

In one more place, a firefly burns his passion bright in a warm light.

He minds his own business, in a virtuous manner.

The glowing lights in the expanse of the horizon meant others of his kindred were seeking out others.

The firefly doesn’t mind the yelling and the ruckus they were causing.

But sometimes, the ritual they perceive as bliss of life omits waves of loneliness to him.

His views of life though will undergo a change.

High up in the sky, rested the moon.

Its might was a bright star, glowing fiercely in the night.

The firefly buzzed in wonder, as he speculated this beautiful deity.

Interesting enough, he never considered to look up in his life, not knowing of what will occur to him.

Allured by its charm, the firefly flies up to meet with the moon.

He tries, will all of his might, trying to fly over yonder.

He felt that nothing can obstruct his way between him and the deity.

Oh how he was wrong, as the winds of the sky knocked him off of his path, causing him to fall.


I look up at the night sky, wondering where you are.

Longing for a moment where I get to spend time you with.

Over doing it, I suppose I am?

Very much, I believe.

Either way, I still want to speak my soul, my burning desire.

Your eyes are blue and deep, yet are brimming with melancholy and gloom.

Others have tried to stop me from being close to you, but I still push on.

Unifying my will, I set off to break your chains.

Luna, I know that I may not mean a lot to you. Perhaps not very much at all, but I have a very honest message from me to you.

I love you.


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Not much to know about me. Just a guy with no plans and watch shit.

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